We're so happy when we get great feedback for our productions, and how they have helped with your training.

Here are just a few:

First Aid DVD (Amazon: John Inglett)
First Aid training is essential for all of us, but as we don't practice it (thankfully) we can quickly forget the skills we learn at the formal training. This DVD is obviously designed to keep us First Aiders up to date, and it works really well. The videos for the treatments are really well done, and easy to learn from. It is very easy to navigate and get to the right section, so easy to go straight to the relevant treatment.

It's the 2nd best thing to formal training, and it has to be stated that anyone who is qualified must still attend formal courses, but this is perfect for refresher training and more than likely for everybody who wants a good understanding of First Aid.

Overall, a really good way to learn, and keep up life saving skills. You can also download a free quiz to go with it, which is a bonus, but not one I have used.

First Aid DVD (Amazon: Thelma Greensill)
Our staff have viewed this DVD and these are their comments

1 Informative
2 Good layout
3 Very helpful in understanding the subject
4 In combination with the written material that we had we were able to understand the subject matter a lot better
5 They thought it was an excellent DVD

First Aid DVD (Amazon: Adrian Beadnell)
I've been a First Aid trainer since 1984. Much has changed since then, mostly for the better, and the current emphasis is very much on 'KIS', Keep It Simple! Complex training techniques and procedures of the past found students unable to remember the fundamentals of providing successful treatments to casualties. I find that this DVD augments both theoretical and practical training aspects of current First Aid practices and also provides students with a welcome change from my voice, thus increasing their attention span and ability to recall treatments.

First Aid DVD (Amazon: Adrian Beadnell)
As a manager of an independent security company in East Africa, I have found this First Aid DVD to be invaluable in teaching First Aid to Security Officers whose first language is not English.

The animations coupled with the clarity of diction, make it easy for instructors to get the message across to the students. An excellent product!

Start Your Own Business DVD (Amazon: PatrickW)
I found this DVD really helpful when I started off my own business. It contains all the information for anyone starting out from scratch, and is very well presented by someone who obviously is extremely knowledgable on the subject. I've read many books, internet articles from loads of different places, but on this dvd it all seems to be there and really well laid out.

They have really thought about anyone using it, and used a very simple menu system which makes it very easy to use. There is a main presenter who speaks clearly and at a good pace. There are lots of well thought out images with easy to follow bullet points. As a bonus, you can download free templates, although I didnt use them all, I did use the budgeting one to very good effect.

This is an excellent choice for anyone starting a business, or even simply thinking about it, as the first section covers the time before you even take the plunge, and is very thought provoking. It doesnt glamourise running your own business or talk about making it rich or being an entreperneur, it is down to earth essential information on starting your own business, just what I wanted.

I am still doing well in my business, and I do believe my research before I started has helped me a lot, and this DVD was part of it. I also used a lot of freely available internet advice.

Best of luck with your own business.