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Vendor: Just Do It Guides


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Learn with ease by watching your tele how to create Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, send emails, search the Internet, stay safe online and much more with a simple step by step approach. Created on the back of 50 years Computer Support experience, this presenter driven easy to follow guide will show you how to select the right sort of computer, printer & Broadband using supplied shopping list form. Using professional video, watch and learn as you are shown a step by step approach to setup your Computer, Broadband and Printer.


Next, they take you through on screen how to use Google, Online Shopping & Banking, Email, Microsoft Office, Digital Photography & Safe Computing. They offer a fresh approach using video, narration, text & graphics which offers the best learning possibility.

Very popular with OAPs and the complete beginner. Produced in the UK, for the UK Market.

Region 2
Running time 360 minutes

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